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SPRING 2017 Double Cover Issue

SPRING 2017 Double Cover IssueAmazing Talent: Colby Christina – Back Cover Madison McWilliams. Read about their success inside of this issue. ...
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Inspirational Talk Radio

Inspirational Talk RadioJion DREAM TEEN Magazine Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11:00 am – 11:15 am EST. Guest and topics that will ...
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Young Artist Who Made It to the MET

Young Artist Who Made It to the METP.S. Art, an annual juried exhibition of artwork by New York City public school students, is on display at the ...
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A Response to Institutional Racism

A Response to Institutional RacismTarran Carter DREAM TEEN Magazine
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Fall Issue 

Fall Issue Everyone gets down on themselves, sports, everything, but stick with it. If your heart is with it, try your hardest and stay with ...
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The Danger Of k2/Spice & Synthetic Marijuana

The Danger of Fake Weed K2/Spice, legal bud, and synthetic marijuana is a herbal mixture that contains dried, shredded plant material and harmful ...
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Edan Duncan Smith

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The History of Memorial Day

  Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering the people who died while serving in the country's armed forces....
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Marilyn Mosby of Baltimore, MD is a Powerhouse

Marilyn Mosby of Baltimore, MD is a powerhouse. At 35, she holds her own. Mosby is the youngest states attorney general in the entire country! She ...
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Starbucks Invest Millions for Its Baristas for College Degrees

Starbucks is not only interested in pleasing its customer, but they are also concerned about its baristas. This year they were named one ...
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