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Hollywood’s Best Dressed Kids

Hollywood’s Best Dressed KidsTarran CarterJuly 20, 2016Let’s see what is hot among the stars and their kids Ciara’s little boy, Future, is ...
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Black Girl Magic

Black Girl MagicBy Tarran Carter July 18, 2016Some of the wealthiest black women in America.The hashtag “BlackGirlMagic” has swiftly taken ...
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Celebrity Sunglasses Trend

Celebrity Sunglasses TrendSee what eyeglasses are the most trendy for 2016. These fashionable shades are hot and easy on the eyes. What's your ...
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Tyyan Williams Designer and Model - Summer Issue
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Prom Dresses 2016

Prom Dresses 2016Tarran Carter04/09/16It’s that time of year, selecting a prom dress could be challenging and fun. Choose wisely when deciding a ...
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Board Games 

Board Games 
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Exercise Helps to Maintain Focus

Exercise Helps to Maintain Focus4/7/16
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Winter 2016 Issue

Winter 2016 IssueBrea Baker - A Response to Racism2/17/2016 
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OCTOBER 15MagazineCover-Template

Fall Issue 

Fall Issue Everyone gets down on themselves, sports, everything, but stick with it. If your heart is with it, try your hardest and stay with ...
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ESSENCE STREET STYLE BLOCK PARTYTarran CarterSeptember 13, 2015 Essence Magazine held its second annual street style block party in DUMBO ...
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