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Black Girl Magic

Black Girl MagicBy Tarran Carter July 18, 2016Some of the wealthiest black women in America.The hashtag “BlackGirlMagic” has swiftly taken ...
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DREAM4/7/16Never stop dreaming!
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 See More In the SUMMER ISSUE of DREAM TEEN Magazine @
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History 4th of JULY

Do You Know the History of the 4th of July? Independence Day is the celebration of the birthday of the United States of America, referred to ...
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What Is Success

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Happy Father’ DAY

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Cycling – A Good Choice For A Summer Morning

Cycling is a refreshing way to calm the mind and enjoy a summer morning. It can be a very effective cardiovascular benefit and same cardio-exercise ...
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Celebrating Mother’s Day For Those Who have Lost Their Mom

While this may be a difficult time for you, I salute you for your love to press through and celebrate your mom on Mothers's Day. Three reasons ...
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Happy Mother’s DAY to all the MOMS

For all you moms out there..... HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY  
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What is Purpose

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