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Madison McWilliams

The adorable 15 year old and gifted teen with the heart, soul and talent of a seasoned recording star, has recently emerged as a strong social media presence, reaching totals of 1 million Facebook views and gathering more than half-million YouTube followers, with her passionate cover of Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good,”and her original recordings and videos for “You Don’t Know My Heart,” and “Smell The Roses,” a colorful and playful romp that calls to mind Meghan Trainor’s earliest videos.

A passionate songwriter and musician, she has appeared on Fox TV affiliates throughout the Texas market, and was featured in Popstar! Magazine, Justine, Sweety High, Austin Women Magazine,among other outlets, and performed at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

Hit by the musical spark at five-years-old, Madison recalls the moment that music called to her. The family took a trip to Las Vegas and saw Céline Dion’s residency, leaving a lasting impact on her as she notes, “that really made an impression on me, I knew I wanted to pursue music.”

She is the rare young artist who knows what she wants her music to be. “I like for each song to be a real emotion I’m feeling…music is a piece of who I am.” Though just 15, Madison has had several starring roles in various theatrical productions, and has trained under a group of Tony Award winning instructors in New York’s prestigious Broadway Artists Alliance program. She is currently working with world renowned choreographer Tina Landon developing her live stage show in support of her debut album in 2017.

New, original tracks including the irresistible “We Got Today,” “Fighter” and “Easy” are planned for release as early as January, 2017 in advance of her debut album. Madison is currently working with producers including Jens Gad.

In between working on her forthcoming release, Madison remains active in Austin charity often performing at the local Children’s Hospital. She also draws inspiration from traveling (Israel remains a personal favorite destination). She’s ready to share that heart with audiences everywhere….