The Danger Of k2/Spice & Synthetic Marijuana

Tarran Carter

imageThe Danger of Fake Weed
K2/Spice, legal bud, and synthetic marijuana is a herbal mixture that contains dried, shredded plant material and harmful chemical additives. These synthetic chemical compounds are extremely harmful and unsafe for people to consume or ingest by smoking, drinking or eating, although many users smoke it like marijuana.

imageThis synthetic weed gives many users a “high” or feelings similar to those produced by marijuana, but because fake weed contains harmful chemicals, users may also experience severely negative psychotic and health effects. The harmful chemicals in fake weed also cause rapid heart rate, vomiting, agitation, confusion, tremors and seizures, which often send users to the emergency room for treatment. Also, fake weed can cause brain damage. Studies and recent media reports show that using fake weed causes seizures, comas, brain damage, nerve trauma, and in some extreme cases, stroke and the loss of motor skills such as speaking, walking and the movement of arms and legs. Physical signs of use include agitation; elevated blood pressure, heart rate and palpitations; loss of control; pale skin; profuse sweating; seizures; and vomiting.

Fake weed is often directly marketed to youth through sales in 3-ounce plastic pouches decorated with colorful designs including cartoon characters or recognizable logos. It’s sold over the Internet, in tobacco and smoke shops, drug paraphernalia shops, gas stations, and convenience stores. Some Spice products are sold as “incense,” but they look more like potpourri.