Moziah Bridges NBT (Next Big Thing)

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If you watched Moziah Bridges’ brief segment during the NBA draft night, there’s a good chance you immediately went to a mirror and started asking yourself some hard questions.

13-Year-Old Bow Tie Entrepreneur Moziah Bridges Steals Show at 2015 NBA Draft

br Bleacherreport reports that Moziah Bridges, a 13-year-old who started a bow tie business at the age of nine, Mo has since built a $200,000-a-year apparel company specializing in handmade neckties.
All the bow ties worn by players at the 2015 NBA draft? Those are Mo’s. He designed them, and it’s possible the young Shark Tank entrepreneur might’ve even made them himself.
Mo gave ESPN an interview between draft announcements. If his resume doesn’t make you feel vaguely inadequate, you’re not paying attention.