Choosing the Right Bra – The Bra Fitting Room

Tarran Carterimage

imageAs you enter the bra fitting room, there are some facts to consider.

It is essential to your breast to pick the correct bra. Unfortunately, eight out of ten women end up picking the wrong bras. Most often, either they do not know how to choose the right one or they ignore the importance of investing time in measuring for their correct size.







Although you are buying the most stylish and high-end brands, they may still not work its magic on your body, because you are not buying the one that fits you the best.

Bra Facts:

#1. There are no standard cup sizes. It is always best to try on a bra for the perfect fit; different bra manufacturers have different measurements. Which is why, you might be size 34B in one brand and a 36C in another.

#2. Your bra size ”can” change! You may not wear the same bra size your entire life. Fashion experts say that bra sizes can change as often as every three to six months for most women. Some of the factors are age, weight gain or loss, hormonal changes, pregnancy or medications. During pregnancy or menopause your breasts can grow up to two cup sizes. So check your bra size from time-to-time.

#3. Color camouflage magic! When wearing a white shirt, the lightest colored bra will be the least visible. The bra color should be closest or match your skin tone, if you wish to make it more invisible under your clothes. This means that women with darker skin tones should go for darker bras, and vice versa.

#4. It’s not the straps that gives support, but the back band! If a bra fits you right, you can slide your straps off your shoulders and notice there is no loss of support. If you are wearing an aged bra (with a loose back band) you will notice that there is a natural slouch in your body posture. However, if the bra fits you right, you will be standing tall without any discomfort. The shoulder straps just provide a little extra lift.

#5. Yes it is okay to sleep wearing a bra! Sleeping in a bra could benefit women who are busty or have had breast implants. This doesn’t necessarily mean their breasts won’t sag with age, but it will possibly delay it. The only bras you shouldn’t wear to bed are those with underwire or are too tight, as chances of rashes and blisters increase considerably.

#6. Underwire bras don’t cause cancer! Medical science does not support the theory that underwire bras cause cancer.  “The theory is that if the underwire bra is very tight and it’s riding up on your breast a bit and digging in, it would put pressure on your lymphatic system, causing it to not function properly. And that would give rise to a tumor. This is a myth.

#7. Your bra has an expiry date! Your bra too, has an expiration date and should not be worn if they show any sign of overuse. Ways to increase its longevity: Do not wear the same bra two days in a row. You should hand-wash your bra with cold water and mild soap. Do not put your brain the dryer as it damages its elasticity. Invest in a quality bra…it will be your best friend. DT