7 WAYS To Stay Busy During The Summer Months

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Word summer with colourful letters
Word summer with colourful letters

Staying busy will keep you sharp and your brain fueled for the next school semester. &nbsp Start by building a  summer achievement bucket list. This will be fun as you cross off all of your goals. It can also bring satisfaction for each  achievement.

Here are 7 ideas that you can have fun while learning new crafts and talents

    1. Learn a new craft. Cooking and painting are just a couple of crafts you can learn. Ask a parent to help provide everything you will need to get started. As you perfect your new found talent have fun!
    2. Start a foundation to help a tween or teen. Some great ideas are book bag,  school supplies, or book giveaways. Host an event that will help raise money for your foundation. Get friends, family, church and others to donate to the foundation.
    3. Start a blog. Now that you have some free time, you can actually write down your thoughts or past experience that will encourage another teen or tween to achieve their goals or get through some tough experiences. This could be a great place for your scholarship portfolio.
    4. Exercise. Get involved in a sport. Enroll in a summer league: volleyball, tennis, basketball, racquetball, etc… Ask a couple of friends to team-up with you at least once a week for game time. You will make new friends and it will keep you fit for the summer months, which will increase brain power!
    5. Start a healthy diet. Read up on health tips and try new foods that encourage healthy eating. Talk about them with family, they may be interested in what you have learned about healthy eating.
    6. Join a book club. There are several to pick from. Good Reads is a social media platform that focuses on authors and great books. It will encourage you to set a goal on the number of books you can read. It also suggest great book recommendations. You may even write your own novel!
    7. Voluntary work or interning is a great way to add to your scholarship portfolio as you acquire experience in an area of interest. If you love animals, call a veterinary clinic and ask if they need a volunteer for the summer. If your interest is science, contact a science museum and see if you can intern. Another choice to volunteer is summer camps, countless kids attend during the summer, and camps are always in need of volunteers. Remember whatever your choice, document your experience, and achievements for your portfolio.