A fresh take on an MBA
Casey Gerald, a graduate from Harvard’s Business School, shares his plan to revitalize America, one business at at time. Gerald explains how the group “MBAs Across America,” has helped him.

Three classmates at a dinner party came up with a plan to make a difference. They saw a great idea to put the wind in the back of America’s great job opportunity. MBAs Across America has grown in leaps and bound in one year.
Gerald says MBAs Across America plans to be the force to help create a country where every entrepreneur, whether the are a graduate of Harvard or not, has the resources they need to thrive. They will also create a generation of business leaders that sees themselves as a central force for progress in the world, not just thinking about profit, but thinking about purpose.
Gerald says the new playbook is going to be bottom up—-not top down. He quoted someone saying “The hierarchy is dead—-the network lives on.” Purpose and not just profit is the 2nd part of the playbook, people in this generation want to make a difference. Gerald says the playbook will show them how to do it. He thinks that the 3rd is that we are going to have to be entrepreneurial. The systems and approaches we used in the past, might not work for today, meaning, we should be excited for a new way.