rickeyallen.com-1-3Age is not a barrier. Lailah is in the fourth grade and enthusiastic about her future. She sees herself as a successful business owner.  I had an amazing interview with nine year old Lailah, an entrepreneur who is the CEO of Bubble Gum Baybeez. I asked Lailah what inspired her, she says, 

Well, my mom is a jewelry designer and I would ask her if I could have things from her table. She asked me if I wanted to have my own business.


She and mom agreed to start the business and have been busy ever since with events and marketing Lailah’s bubble gum bracelets. www.bubblegumbaybeez.com website was recently launched. There you can view all of her unique designs for children. Lailah encourages her peers to start their own business and go after their dream. DT

by Tarran Carter