Tips for Eyebrows





Eyebrows are very important. Brows can transform the face. Creating the perfect arch can act as a mini facelift. Women often struggle with their eyebrows. They will never be the same. I also say, “They’re sisters, not twins!” Here are a few simple tips for creating natural and full brows.

  1. Start by drawing your desired eyebrow shape, using a brow pencil or powder. Use a color that is close to your hair color. You don’t want it too much darker than your hair. It will look too harsh. When using powder you need a small slanted brush.
  2. Use a spoolie brush to comb hair up for lift and volume.
  3. Set your eyebrows with a brow gel. This will help keep brows in place. As you apply brow gel, comb the eyebrows in the direction that the hair grows in.
  4. Complete this look with a concealer that is a few shades lighter than your complexion, or a light eye shadow. Apply under your brow bone, this will highlight under the eyebrows. Creating the illusion of an eye lift. DT