By Leo Carter

Anyone who watches college football or basketball immediately understands that these sports are exciting.  Very few athletes have the ability to play division one sports. No other college program spends so much money on the recruitment of the best athletic teenagers in the country. Nick Saban of Alabama makes $5.62 million a year. Compare that to Mike Krzyzewski (Duke) who makes $4.7million a year.

Four years ‘free’ at Duke for a star player costs Duke University $162,660. Keep in mind, out-of-state tuition is $40,665, which is $27,665 more expensive than the
average for all colleges and universities. The university makes millions off these athletes. What about those that don’t make it to the pros? I know you will say why didn’t they get a free 4 year education? However, when you think of how many jerseys they sold or how many people attended the games they played in, this equates 3-times the cost of tuition. The Adidas’ contract with Michigan is the largest in the country–an eight-year, $66.5 million deal.

Thirty five percent of Urban Meyer’s new contract with Ohio State next year will be paid by Nike ($1.4 million). That’s right; Nike will pay him $1.4 million just to keep his team in Nike attire. Some corporations are just as guilty in this abuse. We must remember that these are teenagers being manipulated by adults who know that academically they won’t make it, but athletically they will make millions for the school. These teenagers are being robbed of their God given talent. Their families struggle from day to day to make it, yet the universities get richer, and not one red cent goes to the player.

The abusive ploy by those who understand that once the player signs,the chances that the coaches and universities will get rich is more than a sport, and let me not forget Nike, Adidas, Gatorade and others. How abusive is it when they approach these families then court them as if all of their problems will be solved if their talented child attends their university. Why not give them a percentage? This is just straight greed. These universities could care less about the individual and how they turn out. On the road, these kids miss class 2 to 3 times a week. It’s not about being a student first; it’s about making money for the university.

These kids don’t have a voice in the matter. Yes, they are kids–teens with no trust fund, nothing to compensate them for giving up the most precious thing–their God given ability that separates them from average teens. Just think about it, after Michael Jordan revealed that he wore his North Carolina shorts under his Bulls shorts, sales went crazy at UNC; and MJ didn’t play 4 years at North Carolina. Where is the outcry? Are we so brain washed to think that this is beneficial to our teenagers? Often, these athletes are not looked at as being teens because of their bulk and abilities. I think it is past time to compensate these teens, even a percentage would help them and their families. There is no moral sensibility in this, only a bunch of greedy adults who manipulate teens and their families. A lot of these coaches are made by these teens, not the other way around.